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Senevin Vitamin and Mineral Paste

Senevin Vitamin and Mineral Paste is the name of the herbal recipe that cleanses your lungs and quickly removes toxins and harmful substances from the body. It is a natural source of vitamins and minerals with a wide variety of other healthy nutrients. From the first week, the paste initiates a detoxification effect in the body. Regular use is recommended for 45-90 days. The paste should be consumed with a wooden or plastic dessert spoon.

The original Senevin Vitamin and Mineral paste is a natural paste that is prepared in a traditional way. This extremely effective herbal formula contributes to opening the airways and cleaning the lungs. The paste does not cause any health damage and has no side effects. The paste provides a detox effect in the lungs / airways and can be easily consumed. This incredible traditional treatment method that cleanses and renews your lungs is a must try! Order the original Senevin Vitamin and Mineral paste quickly!

How do you use Senevin Vitamin and Mineral Paste? How should it be used?

Senevin Vitamin and Mineral paste paste is simple and practical to use. It is enough 2 times a day, morning and evening, 1 wooden or plastic dessert spoon of Senevin Vitamin and Mineral Paste. With consistent use, 1 pot of 200 grams lasts an average of 10 days. DO NOT under any circumstances use a metal spoon! As a result, the natural ingredients lose their effect.

Read the packaging carefully before use.

Senevin Vitamin and Mineral paste and the body


The paste dissolves and expels tar and toxins that have accumulated in the lungs. It provides relief for conditions such as sore throat, shortness of breath, asthma, COPD and bronchitis. The body's resistance to diseases and infections increases. It provides the necessary detoxification (detoxification process) for cardiovascular health. The paste also has a positive effect on metabolism. With its relaxing effect on the nervous system, it reduces stress and its symptoms.

Senevin Vitamin and Mineral Paste Promoted:

- Lung detoxification

- Airway purification

- Shortness of breath reduction

- Stress-reducing effect

- Increased body resistance

- Cardiovascular health effect

To achieve the optimal detoxification (detoxification) effect, it is recommended to use the paste for 45-90 days. See also the usage information on the packaging.

Our quality marks

Senevin Vitamin and Mineral paste is made with care in Turkey so that the quality of the paste can be guaranteed.

Senevin Vitamin and Mineral Paste is also an accredited natural product in the Netherlands. Our product has been approved for consumption by a recognized and specialized institution.

- ISO 9001

-ISO 14001

- ISO 22000

-Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

- Halal

These accreditations are also stated on the packaging